Rhea Almeida is on the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE). As a member of the Racial, Economic and Diversity Council has just submitted a position paper for publication on Intersectionality as a Framework to Address Power, Privilege, and Oppression in Social Work Education

CCF - The Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the national conversation about what contemporary families need and how these needs can best be met. Dr. Rhea Almeida has served on the board and is a member of the Board and is a frequently invited presenter at their Symposium. For more information go to:

Center for Global Justice - The Center for Global Justice supports Research and Learning for a Better World: against corporate globalization, inequality, sexism, racism, environmental destruction, poverty, war and above all, against inequality and exploitation:

APVI- - Serves as a forum for, and clearinghouse on information, research, resources and critical issues about violence against women in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Click here for APVI's article entitled, "Engendering Change: Transforming Gender Roles In Asian & Pacific Islander Communities.

White Privilege Conference – Dr. Almeida is a frequent presenter at this conference and serves as on the editorial board for the on-line journal. Click here for more information.

Liberation Based Healing Conference 2015. Click here for more information.

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