A man finds a new definition of courage.

"I never imagined that learning new notions of masculinity such as expanded emotionality, embracing femininity, balancing work and family life, embracing relatedness over individualism, valuing collaboration, maintaining flexibility, valuing shared power of relatedness, could make a better and more courageous man."

Angela, looking to improve her marriage, got more.

"We are so great Rich and I and enjoying our new baby Nellie is just about six months old and we are enjoying her massively. We are very much a partnership around everything related to her and the other children and in a very good place in our marriage. There is not a week that goes by that I don't offer a prayer of gratitude that you guys were in our lives and made such a huge difference to us."

Donald - a 42 year old, white corporate executive, found a new life.

"I thought I came here for therapy. What I received was a gift of life that included learning how to be a man in today's world both in my home and at work. I feel more loved at home and my work colleagues describe me as more caring and competent than ever."

Savtri, a South Asian mother of three daughters sees the intersections of spirituality and family life.

“I have always struggled to bridge the teachings of our scriptures with fairness in the lives of women, our lives. Here we were able to integrate the powerful readings and forces of Goddesses in Hinduism, and bring their relevance to bear on daily life. It was also healing to share this with the circle of women from different cultures and have them share their forces of spirituality as well.”

A woman 59 and divorced, finds community.

"Your vision and your ability to help us recognize our own wisdom has helped us to create our own community where we can be supported, make mistakes, celebrate our successes, and encourage our growth. Thank you for being an incredible power in my life."

An African American man finds a different view of desegregation.

“I was shocked to hear a bunch of white, Indian and Latino and Black men talking about racism in the workplace at my third session! What I discovered, though I never expected it, was a mutual sense of respect and care that I did not believe could exist in a mixed race circle.”

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